Although the weather would not suggest that we are in the Summer Term, with unusually changing temperatures and still some snow in the mountains, this has not stopped the Primary in shaping up for the summer. Throughout this Block, students have been improving on their swimming techniques and taking part in water sport games during their swimming days at Atlantis Water Park, as part of the P.E.curriculum Students and staff have given excellent reviews about the days.

Students have also been working on resilience through running practice and all Primary classes from Early Years to Y6 took part in the Charity Fun Run organised by the P.E. department, together with the Secondary Running Club Team. Praises to all participants for persevering to the finish line, including students and staff, and to the top three medalists in each year group.

On the 16th April, the PTA held the annual International Day event to celebrate cultural diversity. Student displays around the school, costumes, stands with food and drinks from various countries, music and dance workshops and performances, as well as, different activities, games and pony rides, provided a lovely atmosphere on the day and truly represented the diversity of the BISL Community.

Congratulations to the Secondary students who took part at the Royal visitof Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, in May in Ljubljana and represented the school in a most exemplary manner, including their wonderful dance performance. To be able to contribute to such rare and special opportunities is something that our younger students can aspire to in the future.

Primary Classes- Highlights

As part of the PSHE, students took part in the Earth Day 2019 awareness week. The Y9 students prepared presentations for primary students, highlighting issues on pollution and its effects on the oceans, water and wildlife. Students and staff supported the event in various ways: lights were turned off for part of the day, a number of staff shared transport to come to school and printing was off-limits! Students also planted some sunflowers in the woodland area. Y9 students also met with the Mayor of Ljubljana to discuss their work on climate change and ask questions about the green policy in our city.

Early Years have been learning about Transport this block and made models to represent various types of transport including rockets, cars, trains and many more. The models displayed for all to see were extremely informative, creative and interactive.

To explore their topics of Transport and Water World, the Y1 and Y2 children visited the 'Ski and Sea' showroom to try out various forms of transport and admired the abundant displays of spring flowers while travelling on a train at the Arboretum park.

In line with the Earth Day and their topic on Water, Y2 learned about ways to conserve water and be water-smart. They filmed a video sharing their own tips on how to save water. At the end of the Block, Y2 spend two days on their Residential trip at Grad Prestranek, where they explored the local cave, castle and also rode ponies. It was the first time for students to be away from home, but they showed that they were mature and ready to move up to Y3 next school year.

Y3 and Y4 went on their Residential trip to Fara, where they spent time exploring the local area, learning survival skills in nature and adventuring in the adrenalin park.

There was a ‘Murder Mystery’ investigation going on by the Y5 students, as they searched for evidence around the school premises, while questioning staff and students to find clues. Everyone was a ‘suspect’, including the school Principal.

Y6 have been working on their student-led project to renovate the communal middle- school area. Students first created designs using an app on their iPads. Various fundraising activities have also been designed by students to raise the funds for the project and make it come to life!

The Language Departments have also been extremely busy this Block:

Y6 and Y7 participated in the French movie festival 1, 2, 3 ciné organised by the cinema Kinodvor and the French Institute. They watched "Les Vacances du petit Nicolas", a famous movie based on a successful youth literature book. In addition, the first prize was won by the BISL Y6 students for winning the baking competition Le Macaron d’Or run by the French Institute.

The Y4 students performed with Secondary students at the Slovene Book Day event at Modern Gallery in Ljubljana, where they presented their country in Slovene language, wearing traditional clothes.

The EAL students investigated some fun facts through conducting interviews with the Head of Primary and other EAL Teachers. They formed own questions and compiled a summary to share in the Primary Newsletter. Did you know that all of the staff interviewed have never eaten Arapas but have eaten, as well as, prepared sushi at home for their family and friends?!

Important Dates in Block 7 (Primary)

  • 27th May Start of Block 7
  • 27th May onward Swimming Days for Primary continue
  • 29th-31st May Igraj se z mano (Play With Me) C4C event.
  • 27th May- 11th June Progress Tests in English (PTE) and Progress Tests in Maths (PTM) for Years 2-6.
  • 5th June Baleares International College Y6 visit
  • 11th June After School KS1 picnic for Parents and Children
  • 17th June Primary Summer Reports 2019 issued
  • 19th June BISL Show at Vrhnika Theater
  • 20th June Y6 Graduation Ceremony

Note: You can keep track of the upcoming events and important information through the weekly Primary Newsletter.

With best wishes,

Katarina Železinger, Head of Primary