Block 5 started with the celebration of the Digital Learning Day, the first day of Spring and St. David’s Day. Two fundraising events were held to support the Dance Show at the end of the term: the Dress Down Day, during which students and staff represented their houses in colours of their dragon (House), and the Re-Loved Fair, as an opportunity for students to give away toys and accessories they no longer need and sell them to new owners to enjoy.

The following week’s celebrations continued with Slovenian event known as ‘Pust’, when students and staff dressed in costumes of their favourite book character, to coincide with the World Book Week and the Usborne Book Fair. Parents and teachers read their favourite stories in their own language. The Early Years students joined the local kindergarten for their ‘Pustovanje’ (carnival) party and made new friends. Primary students all joined the Pust-Walk competition and the winners awarded vouchers to spend on the book fair.

During British Science Week, students were able to participate in the Science competition on the theme of ‘Journeys, while parents had the chance to see Science in Action in the classrooms and to attend the Science Showcase presentation at the end of the week. All students contributing to the projects received various awards and certificates. Y1 class also won a special treat of fun activities in the secondary science lab.

The Primary students recorded the song ‘One Moment, One People’ for this year's Sing Up initiative. Their video will become one of many in the international ‘digichoir’ video featuring all the schools around the world that participated.

To celebrate language and culture during the French Week, a number of events were organised for students to take part in, including watching movies, reading books and the national baking competition Le Macaron d'Or, in collaboration with the French Institute and French Association FLAM. Students brought in an amazing display of desserts and cakes!

The Cooking Club worked extremely hard this block to provide goodies for parents and guests for various occasions.

The term concluded with a wonderful Dance Show spectacle including a range of performances from all Early Years and Primary students (Y1-Y6). Supported by brilliant performances and input from a number of devoted secondary students, the show was a huge success, loved by parents, students and staff.

Primary Classes- Highlights

The topic of the PSHE this block focused on ‘stranger danger’ and discussing who ‘safe strangers’

may be that children can approach, should they find themselves in dangerous situations or needing help.

Older students also talked about the dangers of ‘grooming’.

The Early Years class were developing their shopping skills this block and visited a local market in the centre of Ljubljana, where they bought fruits and vegetables. They also watched a puppet show called "Puss in Boots" at the Mini Theatre.

Y1 talked about the various forms of transport for their topic of the block. The children and their parents were also busy creating rockets for the Science week competition. In their English lessons the children learned about nonsense poem, including the 'On the Ning Nang Nong' by the English poet and comedian Spike Milligan.

Y2 enjoyed parents coming in as guests to support the topic on Transport this block. One parent created a slideshow about the history of aeroplanes and had a lot of interesting stories and facts to share. The children enjoyed learning more about planes and asked many questions, clearly showing their enthusiasm about the topic.

Y3 and Y4 were hard at work for their topic of the block, measuring dinosaur footprints and body lengths out on the

playground, learning new facts, while also developing their teamwork and communication skills. Y4 also created and presented their books on daily routines, as part of learning about time management.

Y5 and Y6 students had an amazing experience on their trip to Planica, where they gathered together with 13.000

thousand spectators to cheer on during the Ski Jump qualifications for the final competition of the 40th World Cup season. As part of their Slovene language lessons, Y5 and Y6 students visited Prežihov Voranc Library in Vič, to learn how libraries are organised. They found out about the COBIS database and how to use it to search for books and participated in a mini-competition on finding books in the different sections.

Reminders for absence procedures:

Daily notifications from parents: We ask that any last minute/on the same day notifications regarding student absence or changed pick-up arrangements are passed via email to, or by texting/calling the reception mobile number: 040 486 548, as teachers may not be able to access emails until later. Receptionist will then pass on the information directly to the teacher/relevant staff member.

Student absence: Students are expected to attend school as per school year calendar. The school should be duly notified of any student absences and a valid reason provided, or absence will be marked as unauthorised. For any requests of absence during term-time permission should be sought in writing from the Principal using the Leave of Absence Request form. Please refer to our Attendance Policy for information and procedures.

You can keep track of the upcoming events and important information through the weekly Primary Newsletter.

With best wishes,

Katarina Železinger, Head of Primary