Primary Classes

The Early Years have continued to enhance the learning for students through the Free Flow structure, which emphasises the importance of learning through play and encourages the use of imagination, innovation, originality and creativity. The best season of the year has brought lots of opportunities to share with our school community! Parents and children got together to create beautiful Christmas ornaments to be sold at our Holiday Bazaar. Early Years children showed off their performing skills to parents and Y1, Y2, and Y3 classes with the play "The Elf's Hat"; however, they were not the only ones who proved to have acting skills. Parents also presented their play called "Santa's Cookie Problem" and children had a blast seeing their parents dressed up as elves. Santa's identity is still a mystery for some!

The last block was extremely busy for all Primary classes with assessments, parent-teacher evenings and practicing for various shows. In addition, Year 1 rehearsed and performed their 'The Grumpy Sheep' musical. Siblings and Year 2 were able to enjoy the musical during the dress rehearsals, before the main event for parents on Tuesday 18th December. Y1 students were all amazing and very confident. They truly took on their individual roles and brought humour to the play.

Year 2 has had a busy block with lots of exciting activities and events. The children have written instruction texts and letters on 'How to build a snow lady' in Literacy classes, explored the units of measurement and presented an important person of their home country's past during topic work. To top it all of, they have performed a Christmas play called 'Scarecrow's Christmas' with great joy and pride.

During their topic of Light and Sound, the Year 3 students teamed up with Secondary Science Department for some exciting experiments. This was a great experience, which enabled students to use some new equipment in a proper science laboratory.

Super similes, perfect personification, pleasing poetry, masterful multiplication, painstaking problem solving, independent investigating, polished presentations. These are a few highlights from the last electrifying block in Year 4.

In addition to all the great work they do in the regular curriculum, Year 5 they scripted and performed plays based on classic Greek myths with hand created masks as props as part of their unit on ancient empires, and competed very successfully in the COBIS International Maths Competition. Students have also been regularly participating in philosophy and dilemma-solving discussions circles. In the new year they are looking forward to going on several exciting excursions.

Students in Y6 classes had lots of fun creating their storyboards of the poem The Rabbit in the Mixer Survives, using drama, filming and art. Cross-curricular learning through literacy, media and art studies enabled students to create imaginative and effective outcomes.

Other departments were also busy preparing for various events and celebrations: the Primary Cooking Club run by Mr. Irvin prepared some scones with jam and cream to add some british flavour for the Open Day visitors, while Miss Poulet’s team baked the traditional French Christmas dessert. Should you require the recipes, please contact the cooking club chefs. The MFL Department organised greetings to be written by students in their mother tongue, which were used to decorate the school and celebrate over 30 different nationalities that BISL is proud to host. During the French classes, students also learned about places to visit in Paris, so if you are planning a trip, make sure to ask them where to go. The EAL Department launched their promotional video, which features our primary and secondary students speaking about their experience of learning English at BISL.


The last week of 2018 was packed with fantastic Winter Shows in which all primary and secondary students participated through singing, playing and dancing. Moreover, the BISL Primary Choir sang their magic with Mrs. Reindl on Thursday 20th December in Ljubljana, near the beautiful holiday markets and lights in the old town.

The British International Music School (BIMS) hosted many of BISL students, as well as external students during their shows in the last block. Students (both children and adults) performed on various instruments and sang beautifully. Congratulations to all of them for sharing their talents!

The last school day of term was marked by the Whole School Assembly and the celebration students’ achievements in the first term. Students joined together with staff to sing the Christmas Medley played by the Teachers Band.

Coming up in the New Year 2019

Following the success of the Three Godfathers project last year and providing the much needed support for a family in Črnuče, the Caring for the Community team are organising a new project in the coming weeks:


Caring for the Community's latest project doesn't want money. We only ask for an hour of your time, that's all it takes to save a life or 3! By giving blood you can give life. The Red Cross are coming to school to give a presentation on Tuesday the 8th of January, from 4 till 4:45 in the Assembly Hall to explain just how easy it is to give blood and what the process is. We will then organise a date/dates for our BISL Parent Blood Drive. Staff, teachers and 6th form students will be going on other days. On the day, the Red Cross will collect us from school and return us back, so there are no hassles with driving and parking.

If you are interested in SAVING A LIFE - please email to sign up!

For more information, take a look at the website - Blood Transfusion Centre of Slovenia


Daily notifications from parents: We ask that any last minute/on the same day notifications regarding student absence or changed pick-up arrangements are passed via email to, or by texting/calling the reception mobile number: 040 486 548, as teachers may not be able to access emails until later. Our new receptionist Boštjan Remic will pass on the information directly to the teacher/relevant staff member.

You can keep track of the upcoming events and important information through the weekly Primary Newsletter.

I wish everyone a Happy New Year 2019 and look forward to seeing you back on Tuesday 8th January.

With best wishes,

Katarina Železinger

Head of Primary