Our students participated in some brain-teasing maths activities as part of our Maths theme for Block 1.

Students were involved in a number of fun activities, collecting points throughout the morning for each one completed.


Mega Maths 6

Students in Years 4-7 competed in the 24 maths challenge, where they had to use all 4 given numbers on a card and a range of operations (addition / subtraction / multiplication / division) in order to arrive at the specific answer of 24.

The cards were ranked in 3 levels of difficulty, and points were awarded accordingly.

This is a wonderful game to get students to quickly perform mental calculations and the challenge was a great success. A big thanks goes out to the Year 8 and 10 students who came to judge in the competitions.

Test your skills on the sample card below!

Mega Maths 1


The maths trail was designed to show students how Mathematics can be used to study the world (or in this case the school) around them.

All students from Early Years through Primary school were involved, working in their Houses, with a variety of questions given to each of the different year groups.

Amongst many other activities, Early Years searched the playground for various shapes, then reconstructed them in the sand pit and joined in some cooking fun when they got a hands-on pancake cooking experience, as did Years 1 & 2.

Older students were challenged to estimate the number of cobblestones in the playground, bars on the school fence and calculate the height of the fire escape, amongst other tasks. Mr. Bishop added up the House points given to each group and the Winners were presented with certificates as part of our Friday assembly.


Everyone understands the value of knowing their times tables, this competition aims to speed up everyone's recall of the answers through friendly fire.

Friday morning saw many Battle of the Bands played; Mrs. Charlesworth's Carolers vs Mr. Kokalj's Brave Knights, 5B vs 5A, 3B vs 3A, and Mr. Bishop's Blitzers vs the Rock.

Congratulations to all who participated and especially those who beat their previous scores.

TESSELLATIONS - Art in Mathematics

After all the exciting Maths activities, it was nice for the primary students to have a relaxing time creating their own tessellation patterns.

The aim of the tessellation activities was to find tessellations in our school, name different shapes that tessellate and create their own masterpieces, just as M.C Escher did.


A huge thank you to all parents who provided us with pies to celebrate our Mega Maths Morning.

Year 6 calculated the circumference divided by the diameter of our pie, but unfortunately our measurements were not as accurate as they should have been (no Pi) because we were too eager to eat our Pie!

And finally, congratulations to Aleksander M. for guessing the closest answer for the area of the building challenge!

Mega Maths 15

It was wonderful seeing all students fully engaged and enjoying themselves in the morning's activities, a huge thank you to our teachers for organising such a fun event!