The BISL Running Club, led by Ms Farmer, started in September 2018 with 5 girls managing a distance of 1-2km with some stops, to now reaching 15 girls running 5k non-stop in June 2019 as part of the London Race for Life!

Our journey has involved weekly running in 35-degree heat, avoiding ticks and mosquitos, through rain, sleet, and even snow! Whatever the weather, Thursday after school is running club…

To put their incredible efforts towards a good cause, they started running for charity and entered the London 5k Race for Life to raise money for cancer research.

The weekend was wonderful, using our running to raise awareness and allowing it to take us to London to experience British culture and make memories for life!

Carissa from Year 9 writes about her experience:

Our trip to London was amazing. First of all, our hostel was so nice and cosy. I absolutely loved the cute bunk beds, and the mini curtains were even more charming.

On our race morning the hostel provided us with a scrumptious breakfast with toast, cereal, apples, bananas, croissants and an abundance of refreshments.

The Race for Life was such a fun time. When the time came to remember people you know, or knew, that were affected by cancer, I thought about a lot of people and remembered them fondly. Then, a lady went on stage with her son to warm us up, the whole mood brightened. When the countdown went off for the race, I got excited and then ran.

I believe that in the beginning I ran a bit too fast but then regained my neutral speed and ploughed ahead.

I think we should have trained uphill a little more because I went very slow on the uphill trek, but I finished in 27-28 minutes.

After the race we went out for tea. The tea house was so pleasant and vintage. When I saw the selection of teas, I couldn’t help but want to order the raspberry one but the person I was sharing my “tea for two” with wanted vanilla chai, so I compromised. Perhaps I had one too many scones and also enjoyed some sandwiches.

Later, we visited Platform 9 ¾. I was so thrilled! Even though the queue for a picture was far too long we still got the chance to buy something at the Harry Potter store.

In the evening we had an amazing boat ride along the River Thames that took us from the London Eye to Tower Bridge and back! We learnt so much historical information about London, such as the actual centre of London is a little square behind St. Pauls Cathedral and the London Eye has 32 pods to represent the 32 boroughs of London.

To conclude, London was such an amazing trip and I am so thankful and happy that Miss. Farmer and Mrs. Poulet brought our group to London! Thank you.

We are so proud of our students and applaud their teamwork, persistence and leadership throughout this journey. They are truly role models for their peers.

Congratulations girls!

You can still donate by visiting the Running Club's JustGiving page.