This year our students across the school are given a fantastic opportunity to be involved in a unique, multi-award winning, global challenge, the MyMachine project, an initiative that fosters creativity in education by enabling the realisation of children's ideas.

Prototypes of children's inventions are created in a collaborative process through all levels of education. Our students will participate in the project through Science clubs, as well as through project-based learning as part of the curriculum throughout the year.

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Primary students invent and present (via drawings, models, manuals, …) their own ‘Dream Machine’.

Anything goes: from a machine that helps you to put peanut butter on a sandwich, to a machine that cleans your room. The main criteria is that it’s relevant for the child who really, really wants it.


Secondary students (with the help of students in partnering higher education institutions, for example students in engineering, architecture or art) propose one or more solutions to design those 'Dream Machines'.

The best solutions – according to the Primary students – then are selected and developed further.


Finally, technical drawings, designs and working concepts are handed over to partnering technical secondary school students.

They build real prototypes of those machines, assisted by the children who invented them and the Secondary students who designed them.

My Machine

Throughout the process, our students will draw upon the expertise and support from a wide range of local corporations and organisations who share a common view on creativity and innovation.

The project at BISL will be coordinated by the Secondary Science Department, in close cooperation with the Primary Science team.

For more information about this global project, take a look at the MyMachine website or watch this short video.