School trips provide a great opportunity for students to gain real-life experiences and face a range of challenges that contribute to their personal development.

Students are able to build relationships with their peers and teachers above and beyond their daily in-school contact. This adds a whole new dimension through which they can develop their interpersonal skills, including leadership, teamwork, trust and respect. Trips also benefit students' self-confidence, self-esteem and resilience, which can all help to improve performance and relationships back at school.

During this year's Autumn Adventure Days, our Secondary students challenged themselves through a range of exciting activities including hiking, climbing, cycling, rafting, canoeing, canyoning, orienteering, archery and exploring the beautiful landscapes of Bovec and Osilnica.

Bovec: Years 9 - 13

The first two groups - Years 9-10 and Years 11-13 - were based at the Mountaineering Training Centre Bavšica (Planinsko učno središče Bavšica).

This was the perfect location for our students to witness the beautiful landscape and wilderness of Bovec. Trail-less terrains of various levels of difficulty, excellent cycling tracks and the breathtaking Soča river are an ideal site for all those who wish to improve their mountaineering skills and enhance their knowledge of all mountaineering-related activities.


The first day's main activity was a hike towards the mountain top of Jelovica, with a final destination at the altitude of 1330m.

All of our students made it successfully to the destination point, where they took some time to reflect on their achievement, refilling their water bottles with fresh spring water to regain their energy for the way down.


The second day was a time for all students to try different activities, challenging themselves in various ways - overcoming their fear of heights, or learning to ride a bicycle for example.

Both groups were lucky with the weather, so the views were once again something to remember.


The last day was reserved for two different, challenging activities. The older group went canyoning, while the younger group went climbing via ferrata.

For many students, these challenges were something they had never tried before, so naturally, some were nervous before the start of each activity, but great fun was had in the end throughout and new skills were mastered!

Osilnica: Year 7 - 8

The final trip was reserved for Years 7 and 8 in Osilnica.

The Osilnica valley, with the smallest Slovenian municipality, Osilnica, lies in the upper part of the Krka river. Surrounded by steep hills, the peace and quiet of the valley has not been disturbed for years, making it idyllic in its beauty. The Kolpa river offers all the joy and excitement of water sports, while the rolling landscape provides plenty of opportunities for hiking and cycling.

The group stayed at Hotel Kovač, which provided excellent accommodation, food and organisation of the activities.

Archery, canoeing, climbing, running, swimming, and a trip to the adrenalin park made for an unforgettable experience, especially for students who have never tried any of these activities before.

It was an excellent trip through and through, providing students with opportunities to get to know each other better, work on their team-building skills, and push themselves further through the activities they took part in.