Our World Cup Scholars have had an amazing time at the Tournament of Champions held at Yale University, New Haven, CT. All students were entered into the senior category where they have been competing against 2000 students from over 60 countries in various events including debate and essay writing challenges.

All students have gained a top 25 percent place in at least one of the events and most picked up medals in multiple categories. Some highlights include: Taja K placing in the top 4 percent in the debate category and came 9th overall in her age category picking up 10 medals. Asia, the youngest student in the senior division, also achieved a gold medal position in the individual debate category competing against students as old as 19. Anže picked up 4 silver medals in the converted scholars challenge round alone. Aleks, Varija and Elena all medelled and placed very high in the essay writing category and picked up medals in the individual challenge, Mark picked up medals in the scholars bowl and individual challenge and along with Aleks and Anže, his team came 6th overall in their age category of 10-14 with Asia, Elena and Varija's team placing 7th. Taja B picked up medals in the individual challenge, essay writing and scholars bowl and along with Taja K and Adrian they came 4th best team in Europe. Our school's star Scholar is Adrian who picked up no less than 14 medals (!!!!). Slovenia was very well represented with students from schools of Moste, Nova Mesto and Celje. Adrian beat all the competition, coming top scholar in Slovenia.

Amazing stuff!

It has been a fantastic journey that started back in February with 37 students competing in the regional round then 18 students going onto the global round at Kuala Lumpur and now the final leg at Yale. Well done to all students who have shared in this journey. It has been an emotional ride and the students have done themselves, their families and teachers proud. It has been a pleasure to be a part of this initiative.

Where next.... The Hague? Sydney? Durban? Havana? PWAradise? Wherever you go take me and your Jerrys with you.

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Students' voice

World Scholars Cup has given me opportunities like no other program thus far. The opportunity to learn unique subject specific topics and apply them in real life situations, is something which in school we often don't get the chance to explore. It has given me a set of life long skills, as in writing for a specific cause and negotiating my views on a motion, as well as forming new connections with people along the way. I encourage anyone to take part in it, as it opens up doors to new chapters and roads to new successes.

Taja B - Year 10

My WSC experience has been an emotional journey filled with ups and downs and countless happy moments. WSC has taught me to live in the moment, enjoy what you have right now, even if only temporary, and not to worry about the future. I also look forward to sharing the experience I have acquired competing at WSC with anyone looking to try it in the future.

Adrian - Year 11

Not only have I had the chance to learn things that I otherwise would not have within the classroom, but I have had the valuable opportunity to debate against, talk to, bond with, grow closer to and befriend new people. I have made many incredible friends which I hope to maintain contact with and overall this has been the experience of a lifetime and one I will surely never forget.

Taja K - Year 11