Let's help teach our children that giving is just as much fun as receiving presents and that every one of us can make a big difference to other people's lives.

The Three Winter Godfathers (https://trijezimskibotri.si/o-...)

The project we are involved in this year, began 6 years ago with the help of three people and their friends, during the winter festive days to help children in need. Already in the first year more than 500 children from all over Slovenia were given presents and gifts. Now, the Trije zimski botri is a project, which made as many as 2856 children happy last year alone.

Because we want every child to get exactly what he wanted, the gifting is done in such a way that, in cooperation with the units of the Association of Friends of Youth of Slovenia (Zveza prijateljev mladine Slovenija) and other humanitarian and charity associations and organisations, we receive letters from children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds.


  1. Choose a letter or more from the Reception desk and please mark off your child's name on the sign out sheet. This letter package will contain 3 things, 1 is the letter written by an under privileged child, the next has the instructions on how to go about the process (in Slovene and English, where necessary), the third gives a few details about the child's home situation as well as some necessary details for the child e.g. shoe number size, jacket size etc.
  2. Buy the gift, wrap it very well, as some of the packages will travel far across Slovenia. Then stick the bar code (which is on top of one of the papers you will get) onto the present, so that it stays on well.
  3. Bring the gift into school, place it under the Christmas tree at Reception. Please tick off that you have brought the present in the sign out sheet. There is no need to send it anywhere, as suggested in the letter. The due date is the 7th of December 2018.
  4. If you are unable to buy the presents, please give the letter back to Reception and cross off your child's name, so that we can re-gift the letter.


Primary and Secondary C4C Teams, Mrs. Tanya Charlesworth and Mrs. Maja Nesterović.