Year 4 is inviting you to join their initiative and collaborate with Karitas!

Year 4 came up with an amazing proposal for a charity initiative and we stand behind them!

They are collaborating with Karitas Slovenia in a charity campaign aimed at supporting 13,000 socially disadvantaged primary school students in Slovenia.

So Year 4 and the entire school is inviting you help by donating new, large, and lined notebooks. 

Students can donate notebooks through the school between 17th April - 10th June. 

We will ensure that the notebooks are passed onto Karitas. Please ask your child to include a short note/letter or a drawing to make this experience even better for the children receiving the notebooks.

The notebooks can be left in the BISL Charity box, that will be at the reception!

Karitas Slovenia is part of Caritas Europa, a charitable organisation with a presence in 46 European nations. More information about the organisation can be found at
Thank you to our Year 4 students who came up with the idea of supporting the charity through the initiative.