Summer holidays are just around the corner!

With over 70 students attending last year's two-week Summer School programme, this year promises to be an equally fun, exciting and enriching experience for all children involved.

This year's Summer School at BISL will take place between 4th July and 15th July!

Children aged 3 to 11 are invited to experience BISL during the summer, having great fun learning a variety of new skills through play, team-building activities, sports, and arts & crafts, all in an English-speaking environment. Summer School is open to both BISL and external students.

Your child will enjoy their amazing summer adventure with children from various parts of the world, between 8:00 and 15:00 each day, under the watchful eye of our highly experienced mentors. Children are not required to have a high level of English proficiency as our mentors are experienced EAL teachers and will encourage and support all children to develop their English language skills throughout their time at our Summer School.

Summer School is the perfect opportunity for your child to enhance their level of English the natural way, through total immersion, whilst socialising with their peers and having fun!

Registration has now closed. Please contact for more information.