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At BISL, all classes, except modern foreign languages, are taught in English. With students joining our school from all corners of the globe, our English as an Additional Language (EAL) Department takes on the exciting challenge of ensuring that all students are equipped with the necessary language tools to enable them to make the most of their time here at BISL.

EAL is taught by specialist teachers across the school and is based on a 3-tier system, which allows students to be supported according to their individual needs. Improved proficiency in English enables students to access the curriculum and facilitates the immersion into mainstream classes.

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As a parent, you always want the best for your child. Our daughter has been thriving since we joined BISL. Her confidence has grown visibly, she has made many friends and her English is already better than mine!"

Primary school parents

EAL Structure

Tier 3

Students follow an intensive EAL programme within a specialised EAL class, which runs alongside mainstream lessons. The focus is on speaking and listening, for students to gain essential communication skills to support their social integration. Students participate in all other areas of the curriculum, including specialist subjects such as P.E., Music, Dance and Modern Foreign Languages (MFL), as well as other class activities.

Tier 2

Students are immersed into the majority of lessons but continue to receive EAL support in and out of mainstream classes. Increased independence is promoted through small-group sessions aimed at extending vocabulary, grammar, reading and writing skills.

Tier 1

Students are fully integrated into the mainstream classes but may require support in specific areas of the curriculum to reach their full potential. In Primary school, this level of support comes in the form of in-class support, while in Secondary it continues to be a combination of in-class and out-of-class support. The lessons students receive target their individual needs with the main focus being academic language.

EAL new

EAL activities across school are very versatile, with learning taking place in the classroom and outdoors. Language acquisition is supported through the use of technology: our students use iPads for presentations or stories and various educational apps, games and quizzes, to practice their language skills. Our students have a chance to be creative in different ways, whether this happens on the screen, on paper or just orally.

Whatever the level of support required, our EAL specialists work together with students and their teachers to ensure the programme of study is relevant to the demands of the curriculum and the student’s own personal needs.

Parents are welcome to arrange a meeting with our EAL specialists to ask further questions about the programme and their child’s progress.