Sarah Fairchild 2021

Sarah Fairchild Gojković

Head of PE

Ms Fairchild studied Sports Management at George Mason University while also competing as a multi-sport NCAA Division 1 athlete. She was a part of three USA Olympic Development Programmes including US Track and Field, US Rowing, and US Speed Skating.

Recently, she spent four years helping to build and grow DC International School, assisting in the creation and monitoring of students IEP’s. After Ms Fairchild went into teaching, she worked on developing specific sporting skills within students who were training for a range of different sports and has experience teaching students diagnosed with dyslexia, dysgraphia, ADHD, executive functioning challenges, autism, and EAL. She also holds an International Neuro-Linguistic Programming Certification.

In her free time, Ms Fairchild enjoys spending time with her family and is also a signed writer, having set herself the goal of having her first children’s book completed by the end of the year.