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We offer a broad range of enrichment activities and trips to support the curriculum, led by our staff and outside specialists, as required.

In addition to these, BISL is proud of its After-Hours programmes: BISL Creators and BIMS (the British International Music School). These programmes are open to the school and local communities and provide an opportunity for anyone, from 3 to 103, to explore and develop their talents and skills, gain confidence in performing … and even improve their English. Our dynamic team of international professionals offer a wide selection of activities for school-age students, parents, and those of more advanced years, including:

BISL Creators:

  • sports (including football, swimming, squash, skiing, physical conditioning);

  • dance (including ballet, hip-hop, couple dancing, floor barre, yoga, tai chi);

  • arts and crafts and

  • philosophy for children.

BIMS (British International Music School):

  • instrument lessons (including piano and keyboards, guitar and bass, drums, violin, flute, saxophone, trumpet, trombone);

  • vocal lessons;

  • bands and choirs;

  • music production.

For more information, visit and, or contact us directly at or at and together we will find the best programme for your child.