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Good learning is not restricted to inside the classroom. Off-site trips enhance learning greatly by making theory ‘real’ or giving a different perspective.  Trips also provide students with culturally enriching experiences, improve their knowledge of and ability to think critically about various subjects, and develop an understanding of the local area, its geography, history, people and culture.

Slovenia is blessed with outstanding natural resources, a rich history and is full of vibrant cultural opportunities. Being outdoors and being active are a significant feature of people’s lives here. Therefore, we try to include these factors in our learning programmes wherever possible.

Day trips

Students may take part in a number of off-site day trips during the year.  These trips and visits may be connected to the curriculum or may serve to connect students with the wider community.  They may be for a couple of hours or for the whole day.

Examples of day trips include a visit to a historic landmark or an Art exhibition, a tour of a factory, subject-specific field-studies, taking part in a cultural event, or simply to enjoy and experience an adventure in nature.  

School Life Offsite Learning

Residential Trips

Residential Trips are those which involve a stay overnight, or for a number of nights, somewhere in another part of Slovenia or in another country. In addition to the development of skills and knowledge and experiencing a new country or region and the activities it offers, residential trips provide significant opportunities for outstanding personal and social development, facilitating self-discovery and the skills of living and co-operating with others. Students may travel to perform at events at schools in other countries or to take part in a cross-curricular exploration of places of historical, natural or cultural interest.

Residential Trips are introduced in Primary and these experiences are built upon in Secondary.

Years 3 to 6 will go away once or twice each year for a 2- to 5-day trip.

In Years 3 to 13, Adventure Trips are an integral part of our Secondary programme. All Secondary students spend a few days away each year, taking part in seasonally-appropriate outdoor activities which enhance their well-being and social development through enjoyment, adventure, co-operation and challenge. Autumn activities typically include mountain biking, camping, orienteering, rock climbing and trekking. In the winter, there is usually a choice of activities such as downhill or cross-country skiing, snowboarding, or even dog-sledding. Summer trips are typically based near a lake or river, and students can take part in water sports such as kayaking, rafting, sailing or windsurfing.

Residential trips are optional, as they are not included in the fees, but we encourage all students to participate in these wonderful experiences.