A word from Mrs Železinger

Distance Learning at BISL is in full swing this week and it is great to see so many students tapping into the resources provided to continue their learning. Thank you to all students and parents that are sending photos and sharing experiences on learning at home, including working hard and having fun with activities that teachers have provided to keep everyone fit and healthy, on top of exercising the brain cells.

Various tools have been set up including Canvas, Google Classroom and shared folders on Google Drive, for accessing learning materials and resources. If you have issues with accessing any of these, contact your teachers for help. Many educational services and organisations now offer free use of their resources and learning tools, so take this opportunity to expand on your knowledge and personal interests. For more information, see the class and department sections below.

All BISL Staff continue to support students and parents throughout this period and send their best wishes.

Mrs Železinger

Head of Primary

Ey Monsters

News from Early Years

Early Years children have taken on the challenge of learning from home with great eagerness and enthusiasm. Their teachers have been really pleased to have been sent photos and videos of happy children engaging in home learning tasks. With the Reception class and the Nursery/Pre-Nursery class receiving new tasks each day, here are some examples of their learning.


Nursery and Pre-Nursery children have been learning about 2D shapes as part of their maths home tasks this week. They have combined their mathematical knowledge with their creativity. Say hello to their Shape Monsters! Great job everybody!


Reception children have been sent a very special Reception Challenge sheet, which includes maths-related tasks, literacy-related tasks and, of course, tasks just for fun! Some tasks include an alphabet hunt, coin rubbings, creating things from recycled objects and dancing! If you would like to try to complete the tasks too,here is the link.

Well done everyone!

Mrs Paradiž and Ms O'Hara

News from Year 1

Dear Year 1 students and parents, I hope you are happy and healthy during this odd time. Thank you for all the amazing work you have sent me so far.

Next week I will be doing short lessons via Zoom and 1-2-1 video calls to see how you are getting on and to help you with work. Email to follow this afternoon.

Mr Hughes

News from Year 2

This week Year 2 have continued their hard work at home. I couldn’t be prouder of them, or more thankful to their parents. During this difficult time, we have worked together and displayed togetherness. Well done Year 2 - keep up the good work!

Mrs Harris

News from Year 3

In Year 3 we have been meeting online on a daily basis to discuss the day´s tasks and everyone seems to be enjoying distance-learning so far! Some students have been keeping a diary of their experiences and one student even sent a lovely poem that she wrote. It´s great to see people's ́creative sides shining in times like these!

Mr Mulcahy

News from Year 4

Greetings Year 4 students, I miss you!!

I would personally like to congratulate all students, in Year 4 and across the entire school, and even more so, their wonderful parents, for pulling together in these difficult times and helping to maintain their child's education despite not attending school.

I am sure that this first week has been a challenge to find an effective balance between work commitments and ensuring children are attending their school work, and already, due to our online learning platforms, we can see that students have been fully engaged in their efforts. This could not be done without a lot of self-motivation by our students and a great deal of (emotional if not also practical) support from parents.

Stay safe, stay distanced and stay well so we can all meet up sooner than later once this situation has been resolved Only through everyone doing their part can we hope to see a relatively quick end to this dilemma.

Don't forget to take full advantage of the wonderful weather and get some fresh air in nature as much as possible. We are in one of the most beautiful countries in the world so it is a great time to take advantage of the great outdoors.

Mr Bishop

News from Year 5

I have very much missed our year 5 classroom and the vibrant atmosphere you all create within it. However, it is important to mention how amazing children are doing at adapting to our online system. For this, I praise not just the children but also the parents.

There are many photos of great work being sent that I could share but today I read this from a child in year 5 and thought it important to share in light of these challenging times.

Thank you for your hard work,

Mr Walker and Mr Irving

News from Year 6

The Y6A Distance Learning program is up and running. We have set up collaborative learning projects, online discussion threads and kept to the curriculum, to ensure the students keep to the routines and social interactions (from a healthy distance), which are important in the current situation. Well done to all students for keeping up with learning and feel free to contact your teacher for any questions.

Mrs Charlesworth

Y6 Distance Learning

News from Slovene

In the first week of distance learning, some Y5/6 (advanced group) students sent many great examples of their learning of reading aloud, reading comprehension, writing and searching for synonyms. It is great to see how independently they are working on tasks that have been set. Keep up the good work!

Miss Kotnik

Slovene Primary

News from EAL

We have decided to continue with our EAL Year 3 ''Secret Mission''. This time, we have expanded the project outside the doors of our school. Students have been assigned in their Primary Canvas EAL group, to do a project with their siblings, or fathers in order to surprise their mothers on Mother's day, 25.3.2020. Success criteria… a family photo with the assigned work taking centre stage.

Mrs Baltić Papež

News from PE

Our PE Department created many different challenges for our students during these difficult times. Daily workout challenges, Fitness monopoly, Locomotor movement project, Gymnastics exercises are just some examples of what the PE Department has been working on. Of course, we will continue to upload fun exercise ideas and different tasks, as well as challenges that parents can also get involved in.

PE Department

Pe Distance Learning

Distance Reading

Our Principal embraces the opportunities that distance learning can provide our students. This morning he took the time to read a story for our younger learners to kickstart their day. Enjoy!

Distence Learning

World Poetry Day

On Saturday 21st March it is World Poetry Day. This day is to encourage people across the world to read, write and enjoy Poetry. To celebrate this day I have created some activities that your class teachers will share with you. Please share your work for us all to enjoy.

Mrs Harris

IGCSE and A level examinations

Dear Students and Parents,

You may have heard already that Boris Johnson has announced that GCSE and A level examinations in England have been cancelled for the May/June 2020 series. I have been in close contact with CAIE, the examination board that provides both the examinations and the assessment of these examinations, to our school for the majority of our courses and the intention is that examinations will go ahead in the 160 plus countries that CAIE works with across the world, this, of course, includes Slovenia.

We as a school will be following the guidance of the health authority of Slovenia and we will monitor the situation closely but currently, we fully intend to conduct the examinations in May and June at our test centre, at our school.

Therefore, as things stand, students should continue to study for their final examinations, they should continue to work on the assignments as set by their teachers and of course seek guidance and feedback from their teachers.

Minor adjustments have already been put in place to accommodate the suspension of access to the school premises for the students such as delays to deadlines for submitting coursework but I will inform those students and teachers who will be affected by this.

If the situation changes, I will make sure I inform you as soon as possible.

Kind regards and stay healthy,

Mr Batson

Examinations Officer