A word from Mrs Železinger

Throughout this week, the teachers have been working hard to provide work for their students at school, while setting up the Distance Learning in preparation of the suspended access to school in the next two weeks.

The PSHE topic of Relationships and safeguarding continued this week and as we move to online learning, parents and students are reminded of the online learning etiquette and safety, as per our Online Learning Policy. Further guidance can be found on the school website onE-Safety, as well as in our policies on E-Safety & Acceptable use of IT and E-Safety and BOYD.

Health and safety being the major priority in this case, there are many other benefits of Distance Learning: easy access, flexibility to work at own pace and time, developing organisational and self-study skills and so on. Teachers will be updating courses and materials for students to tap into and provide continued support and feedback. This will ensure that students are up to date with their learning, as well as, having access to extension work and further resources.

We would like to thank parents for their support and wish everybody to be safe and in good health.

Kind regards,

Mrs Železinger

Head of Primary

COVID 19 BISL Advice

Dear Parents,

Thank you for your support, patience and understanding this week as we have all faced a very difficult time. I hope all families are safe and well. 4 updates have been sent out during this week on 'Reduction of Large School Events', 'Guidance on Health Advice/Communication' and also the actions we have taken in 'Stage 2' of our 3 stage plan. Last night, we have sent out a fourth update confirming the suspension of access to the premises for students for 14 days starting Monday 16th March.

Our distance learning is also now up and running and all parents and students have received work set and provision for learning continues for our students. The school will continue to provide education via email from class teachers to parents during any absence and students can contact teachers directly if they have any questions about what they have to do.

The school continues to monitor the COVID 19 situation daily and updates will be sent out through email in the first instance. General or optional updates will be available on our Facebook and Website platforms. During this time please read through theBISL Health and Safety Advice pagewhich includes information about the virus, symptoms and links and advice.

Any parent, staff member or child showing symptoms should stay at home, contact the numbers provided and follow the information online.

The National Institute of Public Health (NIPH) has set up a contact phone number, 080 14 04, which the public can call daily from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm to obtain all available information and advice in the event of any suspicion of infection with the coronavirus. More information is available on this LINK.

Please check your email on a regular basis and also check that school messages are arriving and that your inbox has enough space.

Kind regards,

Mr Paul Walton


News from Early Years

Early Years' Shopping Topic is proving to be a popular one. This week there was a new addition to the Early Years outdoor area - their very own Ice Cream Parlour. Sunny days and ice cream, what could be better!

Mrs O'Hara

Eary Years March Activities

News from Year 6

Every Literacy unit, Primary students develop their speaking and listening skills through thought- provoking questions concerned with the genre and themes they are studying. Recently, Year 6's Big Question was "What is the value of a book?" It was particularly good to see that the students are so clear with their understanding of the success criteria that they are able to act as fair adjudicators for their peers.

Mrs Charlesworth

Year 6 Activites

News from Art

Primary & Secondary Art Project

Stand by for voting! The secondary artwork has been collected, here is a sneaky peak of what they made:

Art Primary

A lot of hard work went into the ideas' execution of these designs, to represent the 4 school values. The big question is... which images will Primary students and staff choose to represent them? Next week Primary students will get the chance to vote digitally or in person.

Mrs Blundell

News from Slovene

Y3/4 Slovene basic class learn about gregorjevo. It makes sense we have our own version of Valentine's day since Slovenia has the word LOVE in its name. Oral folk tradition has it that on gregorjevo birds are joined in wedlock. It was believed that the first bird they would see indicated what type of husband they will end up marrying. 12th of March is also when the first hint of spring fills the air.

The students made beautiful cards with notes for their parents and little birds.

Do you feel the love? Y3/4 definitely do!

Mrs Baltić and Miss Kotnik

Slovene Primary

News from PE

Dear Parents and Students,

Like so many other events, this year's Ski Flying World Championships in Planica has also been cancelled and postponed to next year.

Of course, we will plan and organize the trip again next year so our students will be able to experience this amazing spectacle.

Kind Regards,

Mr Damjan

Summer Club 2020

As announced earlier, BISL is now accepting registrations for Summer Club 2020. Registerhere for securing your child’s place in our Summer Club programme.

This year's Summer Club at BISL will take place between 6th and 31st July.

Children aged 3 to 11 are invited to experience BISL during the summer, having great fun learning a variety of new skills through play, team-building activities, sports, and arts and crafts, all in an English-speaking environment.

Your child will enjoy their amazing summer adventure with children from various parts of the world, between 7:45 and 15:30 each day, under the watchful eye of our highly experienced mentors. Children are not required to have a high level of English proficiency as our mentors are qualified EAL teachers and will encourage and support your child to develop their English language skills throughout their time at Summer Club.

Summer Club is the perfect opportunity for your child to enhance their level of English the natural way, through total immersion, whilst socialising with their peers and having fun!

More information can be found HERE.

Registration is simple!

All you need to do is complete the registration form (below). You do have the option to add up to 3 children under the same registration, just follow the instructions in the form. You also have the option to apply for the full 4-week programme or individual weeks only. We are accepting registrations until 26th June.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at summer@britishschool.si or call +386 (0) 40 618 356, we will be happy to assist you.

Places are filling up quickly, so don’t delay!


A student’s perspective: What are the Benefits of MEPI? (The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award)

Student voice at BISL is very important, empowering students to be heard, get involved in student leadership, and take action through initiatives and projects. Max has been contributing to our weekly Secondary Newsletters since the beginning of the academic year and we're proud to start publishing his insightful pieces on our school website too.

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When evaluating MEPI and The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award in general, many students might believe that it is merely an expendable hobby one does solely to increase their chances of getting into a good university, as it ‘looks good on my application.’ Although that may be true, if you truly scrutinise and appreciate what the programme stands for and aims to achieve, you will undoubtedly become conspicuous to MEPI’s benefits.

Read the whole article HERE.

Max, Year 10

New Building Update

We're very excited as our new building moves into its next stage of development.

In this stage, the steel structure will be completed, concrete will be poured and the Woodland area extension will be cleared.

Stage 1 Works 3

As a community, we are delighted about this building as it will transform the learning experience that our students and staff will have. The new building will be the central focal point of our campus and has been designed as a student hub to impress and reflect our value of ‘Excellence’ at school.

Read the whole article HERE.

Mr Paul Walton


Uniform Shop with updated items

We are very proud of the students and the way they wear their uniform, as that is often commented on by the visitors who are impressed with the high-quality presentation of our students. Our uniform is and always will be a very important aspect of our School and our values. We are delighted to present the link to the updated stock on our uniform shop.

Any information, as well as uniform samples (for sizing), are available in the admissions office.

Take a look at some previews of our updated items:

Please visit our UNIFORM SHOP to purchase these new additions. Click HERE.

We are also happy to announce that new outfits will be introduced to the existing uniform, and more information on this will be shared shortly (hoodies, water bottles etc.)