A word from Mrs Železinger

Assembly: Music, language and learning, performances

Tomorrow, Saturday 8th February is the Prešern Day, the Slovene Culture Day. This holiday commemorates the death of the Slovene national poet, France Prešeren (1800 - 1849), and reflects on Slovene cultural achievements. The day is celebrated through cultural festivals and remembrance services. Most public museums and galleries will have free entry on the day, so do take advantage of the events. For ideas on where to go, see the link here.


Continuing the theme of language, this week’s assembly focused on the music as a form of language and how music helps us to learn and communicate. Students from all year groups performed songs to primary students and teachers under the guidance of their music teacher Mr Calder, including topics about animals and nature from Y1 and Y2. Y6 taught students some grammar through their rap ‘ I use a Comma’, while Y3 and Y5 transported their audience to Russia and Scotland with the songs ‘Kalinka’ and ‘Loch Lomond’. Y4, Y5 and Y6 concluded the assembly with an old traditional folk song ‘Auld Lang Syne’, to commemorate another great poet Robert Burns.

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend,

Mrs Železinger

Head of Primary

News from Year 2

Year 2 have been working collaboratively to create their very own documentary, as we come towards the end of our topic 'Living Things'. This week, we have been looking in detail at a range of habitats from around the world and we were able to use Google Earth to explore them. We have really enjoyed our topic so far and we are looking forward to filming our documentaries.

Mrs Harris


News from Year 4

Year 4 attended an interactive Lego robotics course on Tuesday at Institut 4.0.

Students were introduced to the basics of machinery, then given a task to design their own motor powered vehicle. The second part of the workshop introduced them to coding then they had a series of steps leading up to their robots completing an obstacle course.

This was a wonderful experience and we are already arranging for the Year 3 students to participate in a similar program shortly.

Mr Bishop

News from Year 4

Year 4 have been working collaboratively to write playscripts based upon famous fairy tale characters.

  • Did the three little pigs murder the wolf?
  • Should Goldilocks be sent to prison for eating baby bear’s porridge?
  • Did Jack steal the golden goose or just borrow it for a while?
  • Is Cinderella's stepmother guilty of neglect?
  • Were Hansel and Gretal acting in self-defence?

You will have to read their playscripts to find out.

Mr Blease

Y4 4

News from Slovene

Saturday, 8th of February is a Slovenian public holiday called Prešeren's day or Cultural day. We commemorate the death of France Prešeren (1800-1849), a Slovene poet who is also the author of our national anthem.

If you enjoy exploring museums and galleries Saturday could be a good day for a visit as most of them will have free entry.

Mrs Kotnik

News from PE

The PE department would like to send a gentle reminder for all students to remember their PE kit for the day that they have PE. We can not stress the importance of correct PE kit for your child.

Thank you,

PE Department