A word from Mrs Železinger

Welcome back to Term 2. Classes have started and the students all seem refreshed and ready to tackle new tasks and challenges. Specialist Subjects Reports will be issued at the end of this term in areas of MF Languages (French and Slovene), Music, P.E. and Dance, therefore students will continue to be assessed throughout Block 4 and 5 in key skills they have developed. Alongside hard work and learning, there will also be some fun events to watch out in this term.

Mr Michael Clack from Orbital Education visited BISL 6th and 7th January to meet with primary and secondary students, parents and staff. We are very grateful to Mr Clack for his feedback, upon which we can further improve different areas of our school, along with expanding facilities.

All staff attended the Inset Day Training on Monday to expand on the teaching and learning strategies. Mixing with new staff provided for interesting discussions and sharing of new experiences. We tell students that learning never stops, that it is crucial to continue learning throughout your life, and that adults too need to upgrade their skills all the time.

And when they ask ‘why?’, we can explain:

If you learn something new every day, you can teach something new every day.

Martha Stewart

Enjoy the weekend and best wishes,

Mrs Železinger

Head of Primary

News from Early Years

It was great to see such happy faces on the first day of the new term. Early Years came back from the break ready to learn and ready to have fun!

Early Years Bisl

Our new Topic is Traditional Tales and Stories which we are all very excited about. This week's Book of the Week was Little Red Riding Hood. We have been reading lots of different versions of Little Red Riding Hood - both modern and old fashioned. We have been comparing and contrasting the stories and we will vote to see which version is the most popular. Next week's Book of the Week will be The Three Little Pigs. We have lots of activities planned so stay tuned!

Ms O'Hara

News from Year 2

Year 2 made a fantastic start to the New Year and their new topic 'Living things'. So far we have explored the woodland area to identify things that are alive, once alive and never alive. We have had some excellent discussions starting this topic and we are looking forward to learning much more in the coming weeks. We have also made a great start in English, where we have been writing about our winter break - this block our new topic is 'Traditional Tales'.

Mrs Harris

News from Year 3

It was an eventful first week back for year 3, with Mr Mulcahy taking over as teacher and a new student Eva B joining the class too.

We enjoyed very much hearing about each other's winter holidays and later wrote a story about our experiences for English. In Math, we explored the possibilities for using partitioning and number bonds in addition and subtraction and in Topic we began our study of 'people and places' by examining the similarities and differences between the many holidays and celebrations of various peoples and cultures around the globe.

Mr Mulcahy would also like to remind parents of the Y3 'Meet the Teacher' evening next Monday, the 13th of January. The meeting will take place at 15:00 in the Y3 classroom.

Mr Mulcahy

News from PE

This Thursday our school hosted the finals in Floorball inner school tournament. As our BISL Floorball team took the 2nd place in the preliminary round they had a chance to reach for the top. Unfortunately, they did not have luck with the team they were facing up against in the 1st and the most important match as they had to beat Primary school Zalog. The final score was 2:1 for the opponents, who at the end went all the way beating all of the opponents and became the champions for this school season.

I would like to take this opportunity to give my regards to all the players who represented BISL Floorball team as they showed great team spirit and went above and beyond by giving their maximum effort on the court.

Mr Damjan


Mfl News New

A very exciting block ahead for the MFL team. We will dedicate block 4 to languages. The primary assembly was the first step that promotes the richness and diversity of languages in our community. Keep your eyes and ears open for more to come next week!

MFL team


Red Cross 2

As a caring community, we prepared an old but new project that has been shown to be successful – blood donation.

Small drops but with such meaning for someone in need.

We live our values, and this is one of the most meaningful projects that goes straight from the heart of our community. It only takes your time and the heart of a lion to become a proud donor!

While being part of this project, you demonstrate true empathy and respect to those who need blood as well as their loved ones. If you have never given blood before – challenge yourself and you will find new excellence within yourself.

Information presented by the Red Cross (instructions and limitation presentation):

Monday, 13 January:

  • 8.00 - 9.00 For parents, secondary teachers and senior students
  • 9.10 - 9.30 Quick version presentation for primary teachers

Final date and time of blood donation:

Friday, 7 February:

12.00 Leave school by the Red Cross bus (pick-up and drop-off)

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Mrs Tanya Charlesworth at tanya.charlesworth@britishschool.si


Blood Donations Team Bisl

Staff Update

We would like to thank Ms Češnovar for her time with us and her support in Early Years. We wish her all the best in the future.

We would like to say a warm welcome to our new staff joining the Primary team:

  • Urška Lampret joining BISL as an Assistant Teacher in Early Years and other Primary classes
  • Daragh Mulcahy taking on the role of the Year 3 Class Teacher

You can read more about our new staff on the BISL webpage.