BISL school uniform plays an important part in the school’s daily life and wider community, as it encourages a sense of unity and common purpose; a particularly important consideration as we endeavour to welcome students from a wide variety of countries and provide them with a true sense of belonging.

We are very proud of the students and the way they wear their uniform, as that is often commented on by the visitors who are impressed with the high-quality presentation of our students. Our uniform is and always will be a very important aspect of our School and our values. We are delighted to present the link to the updated stock on our uniform shop.


Any information as well as uniform samples (for sizing) are available in the admissions office.

Please see below some guidelines as to where you can get information about our uniforms.

Information about school uniforms can be found:

- On BISL website

- In Primary Handbook (page 26) and Secondary Student Handbook (page 30)

- New BISL parents will also receive printouts with guidelines about the uniforms with first-time login information; please see them attached.

All three sources will also include a unique Password which needs to be inserted at first-time login in order to connect you to the BISL uniform catalogue.

Since our uniform supplier is based in the UK, we advise students try out samples which are available in the admissions office prior to purchasing the uniform in the online uniform shop. Uniform orders are being collected and shipped to school twice a month.

Please note that the supplier has already updated the uniform shop with images containing the new BISL Logo.

Should BISL parents ever encounter any difficulties with the ordering process, we recommend they contact the supplier’s customer service at who will respond at their earliest convenience.

If you have any questions, or having troubles logging in to the uniform shop or wish to organise a uniform try out, please contact the admission office at