The regional round of the World Scholar’s Cup 2019 in Ljubljana took place last weekend, February 2nd-3rd.

Representing BISL were seventeen teams: fourteen junior, aged 10-13 and four senior, aged 14-18. Attending both days as teams of three scholars, they took part in three team events, the Scholar’s Bowl, Collaborative Writing and Team Debate.

Preparation for the teams was tricky: three of the five topics were published on the World Scholar's Cup website a week before the event and two in the final two days! The themes for the reading materials in the subject areas of History, Science, Art and Music, Social Studies and Literature this year consisted of: Neglected Histories, Enabling Technologies, Unsolved Mysteries, On the Edge of Society, Louder than Words and Voices from the Margin.

With over 500 scholars from schools in Slovenia, Croatia, Trieste, Austria and Serbia, the first day of team debates against more experienced schools was expected to be challenging. However, many of our teams left that day having won two or even all three of their team debates.

Our first proud moment came Sunday afternoon, when Elena and Tin were selected to participate in the Debate Showcase as some of the top debaters of the competition.

When, after a long two days of hard work and effort on the part of all of our scholars, the results were announced at the Award Ceremony, it was difficult to believe that this was only our second year of participating in the World Scholar’s Cup!

To our delight the British International School of Ljubljana received first place in the Junior Division in both Team Debate and Collaborative Writing. Two of our scholars, (featured in the above photo, Asia (junior) and Taja K. (senior) were nominated as TOP SCHOOL SCHOLARS.

Official Results

DEBATE (Individual):

Seniors: Taja K. 2nd place, Tin 5th, Noel 10th, Adrian 14th, Aleksander H. 31st, Taja B. 39th, Isabella 44th, Micky. 45th, Iva 52nd, Anže 55th, Jakub 62nd, Eva J. 66th, Christopher 79th and Kasper 108th.

Juniors: Elena 1st place, Mark 4th, Asia 10th, Elise 14th, Felix 18th, Nikola 25th, Divyansh 27th, Jon P. 35th, Maria 40th, Wiktoria 44th, Lila 45th, Ana G. 56th, Varvara 61st, Ema S. 75th, Jon Z. 79th, Luka 85th, Arina 95th and Nelly 109th.


Seniors: Taja K., Adrian, Taja B. 15th place; Iva, Micky, Christopher 19th, Anže, Isabella, Noel 39th.

Juniors: Asia, Mark, Varvara 3rd place, Aleksander Z., Divyansh, Eugene 7th, Ana G., Felix, Carissa 12th, Wiktoria, Elana, McKenna 23rd and Jon P., Julijan H., Lila 30th.


Seniors: Micky 21st place, Adrian 27th, Taja B. 30th, Noel 43rd, Eva J. 51st, Iva 59th, Aleksander V. 65th, Aleksander H. 69th, Taja K. 83rd, Tin 87th and Ole 116th.

Juniors: Wiktoria 3rd place, Asia 4th, Arina 6th, Divyansh 9th, Ana G. 12th, Varvara 13th, Mark 14th, Carissa 15th, McKenna 17th, Felix 34th, Aleksander Z. 72nd, Jon P. 76th, Maria 89th and Eugene 92nd.


Seniors: Taja B., Adrian, Taja K. 10th place and Tin, Jakub, Eva J. 34th.

Juniors: Asia, Mark, Varvara 1st place, Ana G., Felix, Carissa 3rd and Alex, Divyansh and Eugene 7th.

DA VINCI AWARD (Individual):

Seniors: Adrian 10th place and Emil 16th.


Seniors: Taja K. 5th place (trophy), Adrian 13th, Taja B. 16th, Micky 25th, Noel 26th, Jakub 43rd and Isabella 50th.

Juniors: Asia 1st place, Mark 3rd, Divyansh 8th, Wiktoria 15th, Varvara 17th, Ana 18th, Arina 20th, Jon P. 33rd, Felix 38th and Nikola 50th.


Seniors: 1 SILVER Carissa, Micky, Adrian, Noel, Jon Z. and Maria. 1 GOLD Jon P. and Taja B. 1 SILVER, 1 GOLD Aleksander Z. and Varvara. 3 SILVERS Mark. 1 SILVER 2 GOLDS Taja K. 2 SILVERS 1 GOLD Anže. 1 SILVER 3 GOLDS Jakub.

Juniors: 2 SILVERS Eugene. 1 SILVER 1 GOLD Ana G., Aleks Z. and Varvara. 2 SILVERS 1 GOLD Divyansh. 3 SILVERS 1 GOLD Arina. 1 SILVER 4 GOLD Asia.


Seniors: Taja B, Adrian, Taja K. 1st place, Isabella, Anže, Noel 5th, Tin, Jakub, Eva 7th, Iva, Micky, Christopher 12th and Aleks H., Kasper, Alex V. 30th.

Juniors: Asia, Mark, Varvara 3rd place, McKenna, Wiktoria, Elena 13th, Ana G., Felix, Carissa 17th and Jon P., Julijan, Lila 20th.

CHAMPION TEAMS (Global qualifications):

Seniors: Taja B., Adrian, Taja K. 4th place (overall senior team), Iva, Micky, Christopher 22nd, Noel, Anže, Isabella 18th.

Juniors: Asia, Mark, Varvara 1st place, Ana G., Felix, Carissa 7th, Aleks Z., Divyansh, Eugene 9th and Jon P., Julijan, Lila 28th.

Year 6 Scholars (Competing in the under 14 Junior Division)

TEAM BOWL: Nikola, Jon Z., Luka 6th place, Shivam, Tony 8th, Ema, Leeloo, Elise 32nd and Gabriella, Marina, Tikhon 40th.


DEBATE CHAMPIONS: GOLD medal Elise 14th place, Nikola 25th, Lila 45th, SILVER medal Ema S. 75th, Jon Z. 79th and Luka 85th.

DEBATE TEAM: SILVER medal Nikola, Jon Z. Luka 19th place, Ema, Leeloo, Elise 21st and Nelly, Freja, Lotta 109th.

WRITING CHAMPIONS: Elise 32nd place, Lotta 69th, Ema 77th, Nikola 107th and Luka 108th.

COLLABORATIVE WRITING: SILVER medal Leeloo, Marina, Elise 22nd place.

SCHOLAR’S BOWL: GOLD medal Nikola, Jon Z. Luka 6th place and Shivam, Tony, Nikola 8th. SILVER medal Ema, Leeloo, Elise 32nd and Gabriella, Marina, Tikhon 40th.

CHAMPION TEAM: Nikola, Jon Z., Luka 12th place.

CHAMPION SCHOLAR: Nikola 50th place.


Personally, my favourite part of the programme is the debate, as you have the ability to hear and see the views of the opposition and you learn the importance of public speaking. Overall, I find the programme to be both engaging and a valuable learning experience which you can carry on into further areas of your life.

Taja K, Senior Scholar

Many of us have said how the WSC has taught us things, helped us make new friendships and explore our boundaries. But something I realised during the 2019 Ljubljana round, is that the WSC isn't just to learn things you may or may not use in your future life (you probably will), but it's also to explore any of your other talents, to see if you are good at whatever it is you're trying to do. Whether it's singing, playing guitar, making toasts or writing. WSC helped me grow in all the areas it could and I thank them for it.

Asia, Junior Scholar

WSC is not about being the best debater, writing the best essay, learning the most information or being the smartest scholar. It is about empowering yourself to always try your best, to stay curious, to keep on learning, as well as working on your teamwork skills and making new strong connections with people, throughout the passion for learning.

Taja B, Senior Scholar

WSC was a fun learning experience. My favourite part was the Scholar’s Bowl because there were so many scholars, it really felt like I was part of a community.

Jon Z, Junior Scholar