Sometimes, you have to look back in order to understand the things that lie ahead.

Looking back on this first term, there are so many things that have contributed to BISL evolving as a school community. This has been a period of a much needed reflection, leading to individual growth and to the wider school development. Reflection is crucial- when we provide students the time and place for reflection, we empower them as learners and thinkers. By reflecting on a lesson and their own progress, we allow them to build skills in critical thinking that they can apply when they are problem-solving and learning on their own. Through personal reflection, we can all learn to listen with understanding and empathy, think flexibly and remain open to continuous learning.

Y4 Students
Y4 students trying out their building designs as part of the topic on ‘Earthquakes’.

Many new staff joined BISL at the beginning of the school year in both primary and secondary, and have been working together to improve and further develop various areas of the school, together with students and parents. Establishing the Student Council and Prefect roles across the school has opened opportunities for students to share ideas, interests and concerns with teachers. The novel student newsletter will further carry the weight of the student voice. BISL is about students after all, and their leadership and involvement is imperative in shaping the future of the school, particularly as we expand with the new building and woodland area. With the house points system and volunteering program, secondary students have taken primary students under their wings and lead the way in supporting younger peers. Collaboration in the area of science continues next term with the My Machine project: secondary students will be working on designs for the selected ‘dream machines’ created by primary students. This will involve creativity, teamwork and problem-solving, all of which are crucial 21st century skills.

Y9 Students Volunteering In Y1
Y9 students volunteering in Y1

The last block has been filled with fun events, celebrations and competitions involving the whole school. Winter shows and plays leading up to Christmas highlighted great talents of students in the area of performing arts. Congratulations to all of the students that have received a special end-of-term award for their hard work in areas of mathematics,literacy, science, humanities, sports and performing arts, and students that have completed the EAL program.

Primary Santa Newsletter

As we head into the New Year 2020, I would like to express my gratitude to all of the students and staff for their hard work and perseverance over this first term. My sincere thanks also to parents for their continued support and collaboration in school improvement. There are many things to be grateful for and this is a truly exciting time for BISL. I wish everyone a joyful Christmas and all the best in the New Year, and I look forward to seeing you back on Tuesday 7th January.

Katarina Železinger

News from Year 2

Year 2 have had a fantastic final block of this half term - our class have been working continuously hard in all lessons. This block our topic has been 'celebrations' where we were able to create our own class celebration and think about celebrations from around the world. During this festive period, we have put our measurement skills to the test and create some gingerbread for our parents. This week, Year 2 have performed in their Christmas show. It was truly wonderful! We are looking forward to lots of exciting times ahead in the New Year.

Mrs Harris

News from Year 4

This week, Year 4 have written some amazing winter poems and they would be delighted if you took the time and read them at the end of this Newsletter.

Mr Bishop

News from Slovene

Slovene16 9

It has been an exciting week for Y2. After christmas vocabulary and learning a new song, they all made some christmas cards in Slovene to take home to their parents.

Vesel božič in srečno novo leto!

Mrs Kotnik

News from Music

This week our Performing Arts block culminated in three Winter Shows, which featured students all the way from Early Years to the Sixth Form. The students presented a great variety of audience-pleasing music, dance and drama numbers with great energy and enthusiasm. What a way to head into the holiday season!

Mrs Reindl

News from PE

Dsc 0313

We are delighted to announce that on the 09.01.2020 (Thursday) our school will host the FINALS of the Floorball tournament.

BISL FLOORBALL TEAM will compete against some of the biggest local school's of Ljubljana and try to get the best result possible.

The fixture table will be announced in the following weeks.



Mr Damjan

Year 4 Poems

Everything was white

It started snowing at night

At sunrise, it stopped

To let the children play

And the happy children played all day

Children went skiing

To snowy mountains

So the snow was left alone

The snow was thinking...

The snow was thinking

Will I be melted by spring?

Destroyed by people?

December was over then

January passed,

and February then March

The snow went away

As unnoticed as a spy

I wonder where it is now?

by Artem

Outside it's snowing

People are making snowmen

Snowballs are flying

Weather outside's cold

Children are shouting in glee

Winter is starting

by Maks

It was a beautiful Winter's day

I rushed outside to play

The snow was cold and glowing

My mother called me inside

There was a flickering candlelight

and a beautiful Christmas tree

As magical as could be.

by Darya

On Christmas there is a lot of snow

Every child is happy and their eyes glow

The temperature is low

The flowers don't grow

Night is very long. Day is very short,

It is time to wear my fur coat.

by Vaibhav

Winter is the best

Because it as snow outside

I love Christmas! Yeah!

Christmas is something

That also comes in winter

With white snow outside

by Lai

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

Outside the window

Trees are covered in Snow

White Christmas has come.

Icicles in woods,

Larks fly to warmer places

And I stay at home.

I made a snowman

Out of fluffy snow and I

Heard the sound of bells.

It was snowing hard

I felt the cold on my hands

They beg for warm gloves

From the table I

smelled cookies, gingerbread men

Turkey and stuffing

When I went to bed

Santa came and put presents

Underneath the tree.

By Ida

Winter has started

So outside we darted

Snow as white as paper.

As the snow was falling down

I stood there, looking like a clown

As the snow kept falling and falling,

My Grandma was calling and calling

My Grandma promised me to decorate the Christmas tree

We put the ornaments on,

but my brother wanted to put up me!

We went outside to play

So we hopped on a sleigh

It flew way up high

Into the starry night sky

My reindeer offered me some food

but I wasn't in the mood

So off we went home

To drink hot cocoa

I was happy, I was thrilled

It was the best Christmas in the world!

By Karolina

The winter started

Children were playing in snow

They had fun all day.

Child got stuck in snow

And then he made a snowball

He threw it in the air.

The children saw it

And they threw it back to him

The child escaped.

Snow battle started

Children were hurling snowballs

They loved it so much.

Christmas had started

Presents beneath Christmas tree

Children got huge gifts.

After their presents

They all had a giant turkey

They ate all of it.

by Maksim

Winter Haiku

Children shouting "Snow!"

It's the prettiest season

People make snowmen.

Soft snow on the floor

Reindeer were begging for food

Hands asking for gloves

Inside the houses

People were decorating

For Christmas evening.

Christmas trees laughing

When no one was in the house

Having a party.

People are happy

For winter and Christmas Day

With all their friends.

When snow comes to town

Then they are cold as ice

And wear everything.

People go skiing

Everybody is happy

And they go shopping.

When it's Christmas Eve

People give a lot of gifts

Presents go around.

Then is Christmas Day

People are so excited

To open presents.

January comes

But December is the best

Everyone loves it.

by Carlotta

Thank you

Thank you Mrs Reindl:

We would like to thank Mrs Reindl for her contribution to the school over the many years she has been at BISL. She worked with primary and secondary students in the area of music and performing arts, while sharing her passion for books with all students as the library coordinator. Students and teachers will miss her greatly and we wish her all the best in the future.

Thank you Ms Milward:

We would like to wish Ms Milward a fond farewell and thank her for her time with us as a primary teacher in the last two blocks. The Y3 students will miss her for sure and we all wish her well in her future teaching adventures.