A word from Ms Andronikos

This week Mrs Charlesworth joined us for a tear-jerking assembly where she was sharing the latest C4C initiative just in time for Christmas. The native Slovene secondary students and teachers have once again very kindly helped to translate many letters from underprivileged Slovene students who have not the resources or avenues to receive these items themselves for Christmas. The Three Godfathers initiative enables these letters to be received by the BISL community so that we can help these children receive their Christmas wishes. Please see reception for more information on how you can get involved and contribute to many children receiving a present on Christmas. These gifts are due back to reception by December 5th.

Mr Newsham also launched an English competition hosted by the Cambridge University, whereby students can submit a piece of writing to potentially win a week at Cambridge University! It is a wonderful opportunity for the budding writers out there to get their creative juices flowing and compose a masterpiece. Good luck to all entrants and I look forward to reading them.

Mr Batson once again delivered a very informative A-level Information Presentation on Thursday afternoon to all who attended. In the next two blocks, students will have the opportunity to discuss subjects with teachers to make the most informed choices.

Swimming is coming up next week, so all students are urged to ensure that their swimmers fit and that they are prepared for their lessons. These are compulsory lessons that are incorporated into the PE curriculum, so full attendance is expected. As per Mr. Damjan’s email, all students are to arrive at Atlantis and leave from Atlantis. The details are included later in this newsletter.

The bookings for the parent/teacher/student interviews for the Secondary school are closing on December 4th. Please ensure that you have logged in following the link sent on the 20th November and booked all of your child’s teachers.

Next week, on December 5th the PTA Christmas market from 14:00-16:00, all are welcome, and everyone is invited to wear their most festive outfits for the occasion. With the potential of snow coming next week, it is all starting to feel very festive!

Lastly, the Secondary students will receive their Term 1 progress report on the afternoon of December 6th. This report will simply be a summary of their grades for the term and the details around those grades will be shared in the parent/teacher/student meetings the following week.

Have a lovely weekend.

Stephanie Andronikos

Head of Secondary

New building expansion

Artists Impression New Campus

We are delighted to announce that we are expanding the school campus at the British International School of Ljubljana for the 2020-21 academic year. More information can be found here.

Paul Walton

School Principal

The Three Winter Godfathers

Christmas Tree 16

A huge thank you to ALL students, parents and staff for participating in our Three Winter Godfathers' Project. Thanks to all of you, BISL are already helping to bring joy to over 80 children this holiday season. We only have 20 letters left! These last letters are requesting presents that are more expensive than the previous ones, perhaps year groups/families/teachers could chip in to buy one present? Or some presents could be purchased secondhand here. Please don't forget to attach the code securely to the top of the wrapped present and tick off that you have brought the present to school, next to your name.

Thank you to the secondary native Slovene students who have been translating all of our letters.

Thank you as always for your continued support,

Caring for the Community & PTA

News from Maths and Science awards

Congratulations to Taja (Yr 10) for receiving an award for her outstanding work in Maths and to Micky and Ivan (Yr 12) for their effort and achievements in the Sciences.

Well done to all.

News from PE - Swimming

As part of the P.E. curriculum, Years 7-13 will have their swimming lessons organized as a 1-day program in Atlantis water park.

Programs will be run by qualified swimming instructors and include tuition of various swimming techniques, as well as, development of particular skills through water sports and team games.

Activities will be differentiated according to students’ abilities, and safety ensured through additional teacher support.

Please note the dates below and different drop-off and pick-up arrangements for your child on their swimming days.




Year 7 + Year 8


Year 9 + Year 10


Year 11+ Year 12 + Year 13

The drop-off and pick up will be directly at the Atlantis water park (Šmartinska cesta 152, 1533 Ljubljana).

  • Drop-off time:
    • 8:30 - 9:00 am (BISL Staff will be at the location from 8:00 am onward therefore if you wish to drop off your child earlier Staff supervision is organized)
  • Pick up time:
    • 14:45 - 15:15 pm

Students are expected to participate in the swimming program as part of their usual curriculum time.

If for any reason your child is unable to attend on any day, please inform the reception in advance, as per usual procedure in case of absence.

Absence will only be authorized in the event of illness or in cases, where students cannot participate due to an injury, in which case a copy of a doctor's note should be forwarded to the class teacher.

On these swimming days, students need to bring:

- swimming costume

- towel

- flip flops

- water bottle

- packed lunch i.e. school lunches can be delivered to the swimming pool

- snacks

Students will not be permitted to take with them any personal items such as a mobile phone or an iPad.

If you have any further questions about the program, please do not hesitate to contact me.

For any inquiries on the days of the swimming, please call the school reception phone.

Drop-off and pick-up at Atlantis, therefore, your child will NOT COME to the School building that day.

Mr Damjan

Head of PE

News from Music

Next week the Musical Theatre Club (individual students from Y2 to Y7) will perform A Christmas Carol, Wednesday, Dec. 4th, at 4 pm in the Assembly Hall. Come enjoy a modern take on this classic by Charles Dickens.


All students will be presenting music, dance, and drama performances in three shows at the end of the block. All shows take place at 4 pm in the Assembly Hall. Here are the groups each day:

Monday, Dec. 16: EY, Y4, Y6, Primary Dance Club, Y12/13.

Tuesday, Dec. 17: Y1, Y2, Y7, Y8, Y11 (GCSE music), Secondary Dance Club, Y10A staging.

Wednesday, Dec. 18: Y3, Y5, Primary Dance Club, Y9, Y10B, Y1.1

Max’s Moment - A Student’s Perspective

Sleepy Kids 16

Everyone knows sleep is essential for optimum health. This is very true for us students especially, as we spend almost half the day at school, learning about various topics and subjects. ‘Consistently getting quality sleep will improve students’ mental, emotional, and physical performance. It improves the immune system, balances hormones, boosts metabolism, and improves brain function.’ (UATutoring.com). The National Sleep Foundation of America states that sleepiness can make it increasingly difficult to perform adequately on exams, focus in lessons, and make students moody. Do you know how many hours of sleep we need? 10 hours for sufficient sleep each night! I know for myself and many other secondary school students that it is very difficult and cumbersome to get that amount of rest, when the stress and pressure of exams and grades are prevalent, but it really is important for your health!

Max, Yr 10

News from Slovene

Here’s a tip for this weekend for all passionate readers: Cankarjev dom is hosting its traditional annual book fair (Slovenski knjižni sejem) where you can buy books, attend author’s presentations, interviews, conferences and concerts. This year’s focus is on Europe, the guest city is Murska Sobota. There is still the whole weekend to visit it.

Mrs Meglič - MFL Department

News from Year 11 Form

This week we were given a very informative assembly. Aleksander Vrabec presented the process of making music and how he makes his dubstep to his fellow Year 11 students. Dubstep is a genre of electronic dance music and it was great to see how Aleksander approaches his music.

Miss Kotnik, Yr 11 Form Tutor

My Machine

Mymachine 2

We are delighted to inform you all that the votes for my machine project have now all been cast and counted. The standard of entries and range of ideas from primary was outstanding. Congratulations from the science department to all primary staff, students and parents that have supported this and made it such a success so far. There was a consistent environmental theme with many of the inventions which is also a testament to the hard work from students last year in Science week and Year 10 girls who presented much of their work to primary students.

The final choice of concept will be announced in the whole school assembly on December 20th.

The MyMachine Team