A word from Ms Andronikos

Welcome back to Block 3!

This block began by celebrating the Performing Arts theme with Aleks and Chloe in Year 11 performing for the Secondary school. It was a fantastic performance that really highlighted just some of the incredible talent in the school. They are the Musicians in Focus for this Term and it is evident that it is well deserved judging by such a professional performance. Additionally, this block a new House Point competition was unveiled to celebrate the students who are consistently working hard or simply doing the right thing inside and outside of the classroom. Consistently demonstrating the BISL values of; respect, empathy, challenge and excellence will earn students across the Secondary School house points. This can be demonstrated in many facets such as holding a door open for others, helping to care for the environment unprompted,working to the best of their ability in class or wearing their uniform with pride, just to name a few. There will be a mystery prize experience for the winning house at the end of the block, so may the best house win! This week hosted an information session aimed at Year 9 families to inform them about IGCSEs, what they are and where they lead for their children. A further IGCSE subject information evening will be held next block. This is the same for the A-level information evening that will be held on Thursday afternoon next week and the A-level subject evening next block. All interested are welcome to attend. Finally, a booking link was emailed to all families this week to secure times interview times with all teachers. It is strongly recommended that parents meet with teachers to discuss the progress of their children. It is also encouraged that students attend these meetings also to take ownership over their own learning. Please contact teachers directly should there be an issue.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Stephanie Andronikos

Head of Secondary

Staffing Update

Mr. Grba will be leaving the British International School of Ljubljana on Friday 22nd November. We would like to thank him for his contribution to the secondary school and wish him the best for the future. We look forward to welcoming Mr. Sartakov to BISL to teach Physics in the Secondary School. Mr. Sartakov trained and worked in the UK for over 10 years, has experience in international schools and has published 9 articles including a patent for an invention for an 'Electromagnetic Protection Device'.

Mr Walton


Year 7 News

This week, during form time, Jonand Shivam gave an excellent presentation on the science topic "Black Holes". In their presentation they explained to us what is a black hole was, the event horizon, the singularity and how a Black Hole is made. Their classmates had many questions on the topic to which Jon and Shivam answered with brio.

Ms Poulet - MFL department

PE Initiative - ​Fitter Future at BISL

This year BISL are introducing some new sporting initiatives to help increase physical activity and develop new leadership skills. Fitter Future is a sporting initiative that helps raise the amount of sporting participation whilst increasing the amount of physical activity in our students. They consist of 10-minute videos where students are able to take a break from learning and engage in some exercise. These videos can be used anytime during the school day, as well as during wet break times. Every student has their own login, which means they can use this initiative at home during the weekends and holidays or any other time should they wish. Our staff can track their progress and award certificates for all of their hard work and dedication to becoming healthier through exercise. For more information, visit link here.

News from Music

The Performing Arts block is underway!

Our students are looking forward to sharing their talents with you. Please note the upcoming dates:

1) Wednesday, Dec. 4th, 4 pm, Assembly Hall - A Christmas Carol , musical featuring a group of students from Y2 through Y7. All are welcome to come listen!

2) Monday through Wednesday, Dec. 16to18, 4pm each day - an exciting series of Winter Shows. The specific days each year group will perform are still being settled, so they will be announced as soon as possible.

In Performing Arts we are celebrating the talents of some of our music students. This week we were treated to a wonderful performance from Chloe and Aleks from yr 11 of the song “Mad World.”

News from Science Department

Performing Arts Together16 9

This week 2 certificates were awarded to Maxim and Noah of Year 10 in recognition of their above and beyond efforts in their Science classes. Congratulations to both of them.

Members of the Science Club participated in an interesting practical experiment this week, making elephant’s toothpaste.

Mr Cox, + Polona Tušar, Science Club

PE News


Our Basketball team went to play the first match against the Primary school of Koseze. Even though we lost the match, we would like to give all the credit to our students who gave maximum effort. Our school will now continue to try and win the upcoming games in the 2nd round of the tournament.


We are happy to announce that the date for the Floorball tournament has been confirmed. On Tuesday 10th December, our school will host a tournament between other Primary schools of Ljubljana at our sports hall. The tournament is for students born between the year of 2007 - 2010, therefore, students from Year 5 - Year 8 are welcome to join the BISL Floorball team.The best 12 players will be picked over the next few weeks and announced before the tournament starts.

Mr Damjan, PE Department

MyMachine Project

My Machine Project16 9

MyMachine Project is Up and Running

This week, Primary students have finally displayed the drawings of their MyMachine inventions which they have been perfecting with their Primary teachers in their afternoon Science Club. It took a while to clarify how the world will benefit from their inventions, and once they did that, their ideas were ready to be displayed in the Primary hallway. All BISL students were encouraged to cast their votes for their favourite MyMachine idea and now once the drawing is chosen, it will become a part of the secondary MyMachine project, which will be lead by the Secondary Science Department. MyMachine Norway, Belgium, Portugal and Slovakia have already started with the second step of the project, turning an idea into a concept, and we will follow suit. Next week, the chosen MyMachine idea will be announced in our BISL Newspaper and Secondary students will have an opportunity to turn this idea into a concept, which will later on, as the last step, be turned into a prototype.

For more information about MyMachine project, you can click on the link here.