A word from Ms Andronikos

This week started with a celebration of the Humanities theme with Mr Bradley, Head of Humanities presenting some heavy questions such as ‘What makes us human?’, ‘What is the meaning of life?', and being ‘Humanist’. He was demonstrating the kind of concepts discussed in the subjects that fall within the Humanities department. Also, joined by Ms. Dascalescu, he presented the questions that were shared last week in the KS3 Humanities quiz. Well done to Emerald for taking out that competition.

Currently, students are encouraged to nominate themselves for either House Captain or the Student Council and I implore students to consider these opportunities seriously. To make change, students need to be the change and by taking advantage of a platform that gives them a louder voice, students can be better heard. Please sign up with your Form Tutor for Student Council, or online via Mr. Damjan’s link for House Captain.

Next week are some whole school events that I know 6th Form students and parents in the PTA have been busily preparing for. The first is the 6th Form Halloween Movie Night on October 29th, please do not forget to purchase tickets, and Wednesday is a Halloween afternoon on October 30th. As a non-uniform day, students are able to dress up in their Halloween outfits and enjoy some ghoulish treats.

Additionally, assessments are fast approaching in Week 5, so next week students have a shorter week to get some rest, prepare, or perhaps just catch up on work before one of the busiest weeks before assessment begins. I wish all students good luck, get plenty of sleep and happy studying.

I look forward to seeing many families come to support the Ljubljana Marathon runners on Saturday.

I wish you and your families a wonderful weekend.

Stephanie Andronikos

Head of Secondary

PTA News

Dear all,

As you may have heard, this year we will celebrate Halloween in the school.

When: Wednesday 30 October from 14.10 to 16.00.

Where: Assembly and some class rooms, maybe some activities outside, depending on weather

What: 1. Costumes Parade (14.15-14.25) - Assembly or outside (weather permitting) - Note: children will come dressed in their costumes in the morning

2. Thriller Dance (14.25-14.30) - Ms. Petra is coordinating

3. Scary food & Games - Assembly&1-2 classrooms (14.30-15.30)

4. Halloween Treasure Hunt - for Primary, organised by class with the support of Class Parents (15.30-16.00) 5. Secondary activities - will be added by Friday but can include movies, music etc

Support needed

  • Bringing scary-looking / Halloween themed food (we will circulate a Sign up Genius to make volunteering easy)
  • Class room decorations - it will be coordinated by Class Parents
  • Decorating the school common areas (Assembly, Cloak Room, Corridors, Reception) - Tuesday 29 October after school - if you want to participate, please join the PTA Helpers group
  • Setting up the Assembly on the event day (starting around 13:00)
  • Help with cleaning after the event
  • Helping out at various stations during the


    There will be a message regarding pick up procedures closer to the event.

    We look forward to seeing you there!

    The Halloween Committee

Sixth Form Halloween Movie Night

A final reminder about Halloween movie night during the month of Spooktober. Everybody is welcome! Join us, on the 29th of October, by purchasing tickets which are already on sale and available for purchase in the 6th Form area. What are we watching? Well, that’s up to you, the students! Over the course of the next couple of days you will all have the opportunity to vote for the movie you most want to see. There’ll be popcorn, lemonade and other delicious snacks. So, get in to the spooky spirit by joining us at the Halloween Movie Night.

Sixth Form Students

News from PE


  • Meeting point (n ext to the monument of Franc Rozman). You will be able to find us next to the BISL flag.
  • Meeting time 30min before the start of your race.

Starting numbers will be given out by the BISL Staff at the meeting point. Please wear any British school t-shirt at the start.


House Captains

This year the school is in search of HOUSE CAPTAINS. All students were given direction in how to apply if they wish to run for this position. Becoming a HOUSE CAPTAIN is not only an honour but will give students the chance to represent their ideas, improve their organisational and leadership skills.

House Captains

Election day is on Monday 28th October at the Morning assembly and the results will be announced the following Monday 04 November 2019.

BISL School Basketball Team

Fixture dates have been released but unfortunately, we will not be able to attend the first two matches as they take place during our school break. However, we will go to the match on Monday 18th November to compete against Koseze Primary school. The match will start at 13:00 so any parents who wish to support our team are more than welcome.

Mr Damjan

MEPI Bronze Practice Expedition

On Saturday and Sunday, four of our number embarked upon a MEPI Practice Expedition in the Primorska region of Slovenia.

At Bronze level, the participants need to complete an expedition over two days, camping overnight. An able-bodied group are expected to hike an average of 12km per day, carrying all of their equipment (clothes, tents, cookers, food, etc.). They need to plan their route, put up their own tents, and cook a hot meal in the evening. Camie, Charlotte, Adrian, and Vojko chose perfect weather for their challenge, and the backdrop of countryside, coast, and salt pans was fairly breath-taking!

Although the second day seemed to be a little harder on the legs, the team completed a successful expedition.

Well Done everyone involved!

Mr Irving

News from the Science / Astronomy Club

This week our fascinated scientists in the Science and Astronomy club have investigated the speed of light using chocolate and a microwave oven. How cool is that?

Mr Grba

News from Slovene

In Y7 Slovene class we've been reading the book “Holes” by Louis Sachar. The story is about a boy who is wrongfully sent to a camp and children must dig holes all day long in the desert. In order to understand how Stanley felt we decided to dig a few holes as well. Ours were not 1.60 m deep and wide as in the book, but we all got the picture. Digging holes for the whole day in the desert with just a small amount of water? Y7's agreed on a ''No, thank you'' message.

Ms Kotnik

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