We were proud to celebrate Founders Day 2019 with a inspiring array of performances and presentations from staff and students. To mark this special occasion and our 10th Anniversary, we were delighted to view so many high-quality and enjoyable student and teacher activities. From dancing, singing, presenting awards, solo and group performances, it really was an incredible morning.

We welcomed all students, parents, teachers and our honourable guests (Paul and Anne Hibbins) to join us for a remarkable morning.

We started off with a warm, positive and heartfelt speech by Paul Hibbins who then handed over to Christopher Charlesworth to perform an original song inspired by the memory of Jeremy. We then enjoyed a range of excellent performances by students from all age ranges. Mrs Prohinar and Mr. Batson presented to academic awards to students in recognition of their fantastic achievement. We are delighted to continue the tradition of giving out the annual awards from the Hibbins' and proud to present these to Tatiana (Year 12), Damir (Year 13) and Mrs. Charlesworth (C4C). We had the teacher band play a beautiful song entitled 'Autumn Leaves' and this contrasted very well with the fun, energy and enjoyment of the Early Years singing 'Baby Shark' and Primary School students singing 'Save a Slice of Pizza'. The blend of reflection, respect and also celebration of Jeremy were all essential elements of our school assembly. We then closed with a final speech by the Principal Mr Walton.

The ending of the morning included a few words dedicated to Jeremy and his vision:

"It is a real privilege to work in this school and with that privilege comes a great responsibility to carry forward the hard work, passion and dedication by the founder Jeremy Hibbins, to create a wonderful learning experience for all children in a high quality international educational setting.

We respect and appreciate the commitment of everyone in the past decade and celebrate these 10 years that the school has been open. This morning, we acknowledge and appreciate all members of the community past and present, the teachers, parents, students and other supporters of this vision, that have made the school what it is today. I feel honoured to work beside such amazing, dedicated and humble colleagues and truly inspirational students. We now embark on the next chapter of this exciting journey together. We will maintain this positive and challenging environment from his original vision, through our energy, passion and drive that we all have which enables the students to achieve beyond their dreams."

We look forward to the next Founders Day assembly.