CompComp is a competition that was launched in 2015 and encourages and promotes song writing by young people in Slovenija.

This year’s entries were accepted until 20 February and the judges again had a difficult job selecting the winners. The winners had a chance to play their music live in front of the audience at the awards concert at Kino Šiška on 2 April; among them were two BISL students' bands: In The Attic and 3rd Melody.

Some of the competition judges and supporting musicians, including Rok Trkaj, Gregor Zemljič, Rok Golob, Tomaž O Rous, Hannah Mancini, and Tinkara Kovač, appeared at the awards concert to collaborate with the young musicians or comment on their work.

The competition is intended for young people in Slovenia up to 18 years of age. Their inspiration can come from any type of music (jazz, Baroque, folk, electronic, pop, house, rock, Classical, etc.). The driving force behind this competition is British International Music School.