Since Bruno the Bear came out of hibernation, he has wasted no time in gaining new experiences. He loves to travel, and every two days he has accompanied one of our preschool children to their home. With the help of their parents, the children have been assisting Bruno to fill in his diary, and have been taking a few photos of what they have been doing together. He has had so many adventures, travelling by bicycle, car, train, bus, shopping trolley, boat, taxi, and even time machine! This has really helped us with our IPC topic ‘Transport’. Bruno has played on the swings, slide, roundabout, and see-saw. He has visited the zoo, the park, he has seen horse-riding, watched a fashion show, and a football match. Bruno has also made so many new friends from different countries, including a hamster called ‘Bylinka’.

Bruno has been an education in many ways. The children have learned to share him within the group and with their families (siblings etc.) Waiting for their turn to take Bruno home has also taught the children about patience, and listening to the other children talk about their time with Bruno has encouraged them to be considerate in other ways. Each child has shown that they are able to look after Bruno, and also be responsible for bringing him safely back to Pre-school on time. Communication skills have been enhanced through the presentation each child has given about Bruno’s visit, during Circle Time. The sharing of home experiences (with photographs), and the input from the parents themselves has really helped to make a more meaningful connection with our Pre-school families. Thank you all. Keep watching on Facebook!