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We are very proud of our Alumni at The British International School of Ljubljana as they have enjoyed enrolling at some of the best universities in the world. As we enter the 8th year of students graduating from our Year 13, we anticipate more students fulfilling their aims and goals with regards to university destination and choice.

With excellent exam grades, extensive service learning opportunities and a real passion for the areas that they want to pursue further, they leave our school in a strong position to choose their desired career path.

Our University guidance programme supports the students over 4 years to research, plan and prepare for their next step in their application process. We help our students plan early by giving them a range of support sessions, presentations and one to one expert advice to make sure that they have the best possible provision. In class, outstanding progress is made with challenging, carefully planned lessons, small class sizes and a drive for excellence in every subject. The students, teachers and parents all work together to ensure clear and timely communication takes place to celebrate progress or focus on specific areas if needed.

Our Alumni around the world


As you can see, our students our truly global citizens and explore opportunities around the world after leaving The British International School of Ljubljana. The foundation of academic excellence, core character values and holistic education they experience gives them all a wonderful platform to start from. We enjoy keeping in touch with our Alumni, to visit the school, motivate others and to hear about their journey after BISL.

It is an honour and privilege to work with such inspirational individuals.

My academic experience in BISL has made me appreciate the importance of trial and error through the course of my studies. A strong work ethic and the constant pursuit of self-improvement goes hand in hand with success.

Nika, University of Aberdeen

BISL provided me with knowledge where it was lacking, a push when it was needed and, most importantly, the opportunity to find and chase my goals in my university of choice in the UK.

Luka, Middlesex University

To me BISL is, first and foremost, a family. That's what I think about when I think of BISL - a wonderful group of individuals I could always rely on.

Tomaš, Imperial College London

I left BISL with so many beautiful memories. The people I met and the skills it taught me will accompany me forever.

Neža, Tilburg University
Tilen (pictured above) achieved a remarkable 3 A* grades at A Level in Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics!

Our teachers have a proven track record for enabling students to achieve remarkable academic outcomes, through hard-work, dedication and tremendous support. This in turn inspires the students to follow their dreams and apply to the very best universities.

Paul Walton, Principal at BISL

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